‘A Telescope!’ cried Ayva in delighted surprise.

She had just unwrapped her last present, a shiny new telescope. Her very own telescope, to look at the moon.

‘Thank you so much’ she said, as she hugged both her parents.

Ayva had woken just before sunrise, and as a result so had her dad, mum and baby brother. It was her birthday after all, so no-one minded much.

She spent the day playing with Aidan and her new toys, but couldn’t wait for it to go dark outside. Time passed quickly enough and before she knew it, dinner was ready. She scoffed down her chips, beans and pie.

Then, after clearing the dishes with Mum, she ran to her room, rolled up the blind and, with Daddy’s help, pointed her new telescope to the sky. It was blurry at first and the moon was difficult to find, but after a few adjustments there it was.

The round moon shone in the sky, big and bold, filling the eyepiece completely. With oohs and aaahs, Ayva and her daddy took turns looking.



When it was Ayva’s turn again, she accidentally nudged the telescope. At first she could see only blackness, but then she saw a little object.

It got bigger and bigger, and was travelling really fast towards the moon.

‘What’s that?’ she asked her daddy, who adjusted the zoom.

‘It could be a star,’ he said, ‘a satellite or even a rocket.’

Ayva ran to get her bag and opened the front pocket. She pulled out a book she had been reading at school called Aliens Love Underpants.

‘Look Daddy!’ she said, ‘it could be aliens like in my book.’

Daddy leaned down and took a look. He opened the book and saw aliens wearing underpants dancing on the moon.

‘Hmmm, I don’t think...’ he was about to say more when a cry came from the next bedroom. It was Aidan, who was hungry.

He readjusted the telescope and said, ‘Ayva, keep watching the moon while I go and feed your brother.’

Ayva was watching the moon again, when suddenly the object came into view, it was travelling really, really fast until at last it crashed, there was a bright flash and the disc-like object broke in two. One piece landed on the moon, but the other fell to earth with a splash.

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Scott Thomas (pen name A.A Thomas) this is a story I wrote for my daughter, if you like what you have read so far, the story continues for almost 3000 words and 12 illustrations.  Illustrations by Bob Stokes.

It is available from Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions. The paperback has some amazing fonts to highlight the various characters you will meet through the story. Book designed and typeset by Rachael May.

Second book in the series coming soon...

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